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Herb Plant, Sage 'Golden Delicious' (Salvia elegans)


Height:  2 to 3 feet
Spread:  2 to 3 feet
Light Requirement:  Sun
Hardiness Zone:  8 to 10

*Uses:  Aromatic, Culinary, and Ornamental  *Research all plants before use.

This sage has chartreuse colored leaves, when crushed they have a pineapple flavor and scent.  In late summer it produces bright red, tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds. Excellent in fruit salads, iced drinks or as a garnish.  'Golden Delicious' sage likes the sun and is drought resistant.  It's a great addition to any container, herb garden, or flower bed.

All vegetable and herb plants are grown using organic methods and will be ready in May. Plants can be picked up at Walnut Grove Vocational Farm, 33600 Pearl Street Kirkland, IL or DCCG can deliver plants to the following towns: Big Rock, Cortland, Hampshire, Hinckley, DeKalb, Geneva, Genoa, Kingston, Kirkland, Maple Park, St. Charles, Sycamore, and Waterman.